Request payment for goods or services with WallP Invoices. You can send an unlimited number of invoices, all with a flat 2.25% processing fee applied at the time the invoice is paid with a debit or credit card. Make sure the WallP app is up-to-date to use this feature. 

Create Invoices from the WallP App

Enter the custom amount using the keypad within the WallP app. Include a note about the items or sale.

  1. Tap Charge > Invoice.
  2. Fill out the invoice.
  3. Tap Send Invoice.

Customers can pay WallP Invoices using any supported payment card. Paid invoices will appear within your in-app Activity and your online WallP Dashboard under Transactions.

Manage WallP Invoices

To resend, edit, print, share or cancel an invoice, navigate to Invoices in your online WallP Dashboard.