View Your Sales History from the WallP App 

      1. Tap the following icon in the navigation bar:   



      2. Tap Activity.


      3. Tap individual payments to view transaction details.

      If the customer paid through payment card, you'll see the following:

  •  Payment card brand and last 4 digits 
  • Receipt number
  • Date of Payment 
  • Tax 
  • Item(s) sold
  •  Notes


     Note: You can search for individual transactions in your sales history by doing any of the following :

  •   Enter the payment card number
  •   Enter the receipt ID( located at the bottom of the receipt).
     Note: Currently, you can't delete transactions from your payment history, but you can issue refunds.

    Create Sales Reports with the WallP App

     From the WallP app on an Android or iOS device, you can generate and share sales reports.

     1.   Access your in-app menu by tapping the following icon:


     2.  Tap Reports > Sales Summary to see today's payments activity or tap Select Time Frame if no

           payment have been taken today.


     3.  To adjust the date of your report, tap the calendar icon in the navigation bar.


     4.  From all devices, select a start and end date.


     5.  Tap Apply.


     Note: You can always visit your online dashboard to generate reports.