Descriptive receipts help customers recognize purchases and prevent disputed payments. 

You can edit the information available on your digital, customer-facing receipts in your online WallP Dashboard.

Edit the Appearance of Receipts

  • Update your business name on your receipts to help customers recall their purchases. 
  • Add a logo for your business.
  • Show detailed item information on receipts by adding a description to your items or services.
  • Update your contact and social media info, and web url so customers can get in touch and follow you online.
  • Ensure your customers remember where they made a purchase by updating your business location.
  • You can also choose to show or hide a map of where the transaction took place by checking or unchecking "Show location."

Note: Maps will not show on receipts from manually entered payments.

If you want to customize your return policy, you can do so from Receipt on WallP Online Dashboard. This information will be shared on digital receipts.

You can also gather customer feedback directly from your receipts and respond from your online dashboard with WallP Feedback.