For processing fees, we round to nearest ₹0.50. For example, if you accept a payment for ₹100.00,

we will deduct fees of ₹2.50 (2.25% x ₹100.00 = ₹2.25 = ₹2.50).

Note: Transaction and item tax is calculated with banker's rounding, or round half to even, which pulls even numbers down. Learn more about bankers' rounding.

Original Bankers’
24.1754 24.18
443.2050 443.20
+ 102.2038 + 102.20
= 569.5842 = 569.58

When using standard rounding, you round up or down to the nearest number. For amounts in the middle (ending in 5), it rounds up. This results in a bias towards a higher amount. Bankers' rounding is closer to the actual amount.