Deposits are sent automatically to your linked bank account based on your deposit schedule. WallP assumes your linked bank account is open and active until your bank notifies us of a closure. If your linked bank account has closed, WallP receives notification after a deposit has been sent.

When a deposit is sent to a closed bank account, one of three things can happen:

Deposits Bounce Back to WallP

If your account has closed and isn't accepting deposits, the funds should bounce back to WallP. It can take up to 7 business days for the funds to return to us.

Next Steps: Link an open bank account from your online WallP Dashboard. The new bank account will be verified in 5 business days.

If the deposit bounces back to us, we'll automatically send it to your newly linked account. If your new bank account isn't yet linked and verified, the funds will remain in your WallP balance until verification is complete. You'll receive email updates each step of the way.

Bank Accepts the Deposit and Issues a Check

In some cases, your bank may cut you a check for the deposit amount and mail it to your address on file.

Next Steps: Link an open bank account. Then, reach out to your bank directly to see if a check has been issued or can be issued.

Bank Keeps the Account Open 

The bank may keep your account open for some time, specifically for situations like this.

Next Steps: Link an open bank account. Then, contact your bank to see if they have record of the deposit. They should be able to help. If they're unable to track it down, contact us.

Rest assured, your funds aren't lost.